Posture and Movement Practice

Please explore our complimentary practices offered by Taylor Bell and Dustin Fockler.

These abbreviated sessions offer individuals an opportunity to explore posture- and movement-based methods as a means to bring about body and breath awareness. Learn safe and effective ways to invite in sensation, curiosity, and equanimity. 

Each practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners. 

Using a combination of specific breath technique, abdominal activation and strengthening exercises and sequences of heating and cooling asana, Tapas classes facilitate deliberate, meditative experiences of embodiment. Tapas classes are designed to be challenging as well as accessible; modification is encouraged.

Using adaptable postures and a choice-based approach, chair sessions allow the participant to find what works best for them in order to meet their current need. Each session builds on what was learned previously, but do not have to be done in order.

10 Minute Chair

20 Minute Chair

Tapas Mat