Lopon Dorje Khandro (they/them)

Dr. Lourdes Arguelles, MFT, PhD


End of Life, Non-Human, and Anti-War/Peace Education Ministries

Bodhicari Dhammabodhi (he/him)

Dr John Freese, M.Div., PhD

Early Buddhism, Chan, Daoist Internal Alchemy, Advaita Vedanta

Buddhist Counseling & Astrology

Bodhicari Bodhipala (he/him)

Chris Johnson, M.Div.

Early Buddhism

Prison Ministry

Bodhicari Corey Swartsel (he/him)


Buddhist Counseling & Addiction Recovery

Dhammacari Dustin Fokkler (he/him)

Postural Practice

Dhammacari Taylor Bell (she/her)

Postural Practice

Dhammacari Farris Utpala (he/him)

Buddhism, Daoist Internal Alchemy

Buddhist Counseling & Sound Ministry

Upasaka Aly Sweet (she/her)


Non-Human Ministry